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The Past Ten Years...

Most printers, copiers and multifunctional peripherals now in service have the storage capability to capture thousands of pages of print, scan, copy and fax jobs in an internal hard drive.

Leaders in this Field of Discovery...

We are the pioneers in this new field of copier forensic discovery. Our experience and knowledge can provide you with the information you need, whether for internal investigations, employee misconduct, gathering evidence or counter-espionage operations.

Where Computer Forensics Fail...

Current computer forensics software focuses on the partition types and document types found on common Personal Computer (PC) environments (Windows/Linux/Mac). These forensic tools FAIL largely because they are not designed to decipher the types of information typically stored in a printer or copy machine. Although standard computer forensic techniques can yield some documents hidden in copiers, it will not compare to the volume that we can obtain.

Over Three Years of Research and Development...

We are the leaders in the development of an efficient process to find and render the information stored on copiers. We have processes specific to various manufacturers and models giving us the capability of obtaining a large volume of information.

Proprietary Knowledge...

Our proprietary knowledge of the internal directory structure and file structure of copiers allows us to excavate the information and render it into a viewable document. This includes the temporary image file format that copy machines use while the scanned image is in-transit between the glass and the hard drive.